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Note: This page is grossly out of date. I passed my private pilot checkride on December 6, 2000, and my instrument rating checkride on October 8, 2002. I joined the Paramus Flying Club in September of 2003, and have been flying our nice four aircraft ever since. But as much as I've wanted to update this page, it's yet to happen. So please consider it as the snapshot of the past that it is. Hopefully, something new will be here at some point before I'm working on a type rating for a hovercraft or anti-gravity vehicle.

Read here about my first real trip by air.

More trip photos are available in my album.

My mother tells me that she knew that this would happen ever since I was very young. My wife tells me that, when we first met (in 1982 or so), she knew that this was going to happen. My sister tells me that she knew that this was going to happen.

I was the last to know.

In the summer (I think) of 1998, a friend that had recently achieved his Private Pilot's License took me on a little trip. We left from Essex County Airport (CDW, commonly known as Caldwell Airport) (see it), flew over the Tappan Zee Bridge, crossed Westchester, and stopped in Bridgeport (BDR).

There, we made a phone call.

We then returned to the air, went back to the Tappan Zee, and turned south. We flew south down the Hudson, passing Hoboken and New York City, circled the Statue of Liberty, and turned back to the north.

Once we were far enough north that class B space was high enough that we'd some room to fly, we returned to CDW.

Sounds exciting? It was. You can see my photographic record of it if you wish.

Shortly after this wonderful gift, I started taking flying lessons. I'm taking them at Caldwell Flight.

Recent News

I passed my written exam with a 97% on Sept 25. That's good, right? I really did want a 100% score, though.

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